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Having issues with Bed Bugs?

Canadian Bed Bug is quick, successful and affordable.
We keep up with the most recent knowledge on how to eradicate bed bugs as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

We prepare all our clients for every step of the process to make the elimination of a
bed bug infestation as painless as possible for the homeowner.

Canadian Bed Bug is also the only company in the Lower Mainland to offer an extensive service
that includes bed and furniture removal, clothes, often a necessary step in the process of ridding your home of bed bugs.

We have trained technicians who can confirm whether or not you do have a bed bug infestation, or if you’re sure,
we can get to work on solving the problem immediately.

What are Bed Bugs?

A bed bug is a small (usually 1mm – 6mm) nocturnal insect of the Cimicidae family. The bed bug lives by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts (hematophagy).

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Heat Treatments

This environmentally-friendly treatment eliminates the need for chemicals, disposal of furniture and additional treatments.

Traditional Treatment

The traditional treatment requires two visits to break the bed bug reproduction cycle. Not only the area infected must be cleaned and treated, but the adjoining areas must be also.

Bed Bug Dog Specialists

Bed Bug dogs have an eminent level of accuracy that exceeds customary detection methods. Bed Bug dogs have 95-97% accuracy for confirming the presence of bed bugs or any viable eggs.

About Us

Since forming in 2010, Canadian Bed Bug has treated thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Our clients include Affordable Housing Societies and the BC Housing Foundation, and Canadian Bed Bug has been featured in BC Business magazine as well as the Globe and Mail.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction. We guarantee to eliminate bed bugs completely.

Free – no obligation consultation and quote

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